Autor: Stefan Renvert, Jean-Louis Giovannoli
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  • ISBN: 978-2-912550-98-9

Based on more than a decade of dedicated research and clinical focus on peri-implantology, this book presents predictable surgical and nonsurgical protocols that go beyond the current treatment guidelines that were largely adapted from therapies for periodontal disease. The authors summarize the current research on peri-implantitis and outline the steps for effective early diagnosis. By focusing on identifying the multiple risk factors, the authors provide an effective paradigm for preventing peri-implant infection in everyday practice. An essential guide for all practitioners practicing implant dentistry.


1. Pathogenesis
2. Diagnosis
3. Prevalence
4. Early Peri-Implantitis
5. Risk Indicators
6. Treatments
7. Soft Tissue Conditions
8. Maintenance