Manual of Wire Bending Techniques

Autor: Eichiro Nakajima
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  • Liczba stron: 288
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  • ISBN: 978-0-86715-495-5

Effective wire bending techniques that are customized to each individual patient make orthodontic treatment more efficient and can reduce treatment time. The author of this manual promotes precise, intuitive bending and presents the essential components and techniques of customized wire bending step-by-step, including trimming of casts; selection and proper manipulation of pliers; the first-order bends (in or out), second-order bends (up or down), and third-order bends (torque); and optimal methods of adjustment to be used during orthodontic treatment. Technical images and case presentations illustrate each step of the process to ensure maximum comprehension. A must-have guide for orthodontic residents and practitioners alike.


1. Mastering the Fourth-Order Bend
2. Trimming Casts
3. Basic Wire Bending
4. Corrective Techniques: Clinical Cases