Treatment of TMDs: Bridging the Gap Between Advances in Research and Clinical Patient Management

Autor: Charles S. Greene, Daniel M. Laskin
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What is currently happening in various research areas that will be clinically applicable to the management of temporomandibular disorders (TMDs) in the near future? Clearly, much of the information discovered about musculoskeletal disorders through the application of new research tools and innovative experimental designs can be directly or indirectly applied to the TMJ.


Section I Understanding Regional and Widespread Pain Phenomena
1. Sensory Mechanisms of Orofacial Pain-R. Dubner, K. Ren, and B. Sessle
2. Pathophysiology of Masticatory Myofascial Pain-R. Benoliel, P. Svensson, and E. Eliav
3. Pathophysiology of Intracapsular Inflammation and Degeneration-R. Emshoff
4. Comorbid Conditions: How They Affect Orofacial Pain-A. Velly, P. Schweinhardt, and J. Fricton
5. How Sleep and Pain Affect Each Other-G. Macaluso, M. Carra, and G. Lavigne

Section II Assessing Susceptibility to Pain Development and Chronicity
6. Genetic Determinants of Complex Orofacial Pain Conditions-C. Stohler
7. Quantitative Sensory Testing of Pain Responsiveness-P. Svensson, E. Eliav, and R. Benoliel
8. Predicting Treatment Responsiveness: Somatic and Psychologic Factors-R. Ohrbach and T. List

Section III Biomechanics of TMJ Function
9. Biomechanics and Mechanobiology of the TMJ-S. Palla and L.Gallo
10. Finite Element Analysis of the TMJ-J. H. Koolstra
11. Lubrication of the TMJ-Y. Zadik and D. Nitzan

Section IV Diagnostic Technology
12. Imaging of the TMJ and Associated Structures-D. Hatcher
13. Brain Imaging of Pain Phenomena-G. Gerstner, E. Ichesco, and T. Schmidt-Wilcke
14. Synovial Fluid Analysis and Biomarkers of TMJ Disease-R. Landesberg and S. Wadhwa

Section V Therapeutic Advances
15. Developmental and Evolutionary Perspectives on TMJ Tissue Engineering-D. Reed, R. Scapino, C. Ross, D. Chen, and T. Diekwisch
16. Injectable Compounds to Treat TMJ Pain and Degenerative Joint Disease-S. Zhu and J. Hu
17. Pharmacologic Management of TMD Pain-S. Schug, S. Lauer, and R. Delcanho