Problems in Endodontics: Etiology, Diagnosis and Treatment

Autor: Michael Hulsmann, Edgar Schafer
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With advances in endodontic techniques, increasingly complicated cases are under taken – with variable results. As a consequence, the majority of procedures carried out by endodontic specialists today are retreat ments. This book offers clinically relevant infor mation for over coming common problems in endodontic treatment.
Due to the unpredictable nature of challenging endodontic cases, this is not a step-by-step man ual, but rather a com pen dium of the latest know ledge in the field, including key findings and data from the scientific literature as well as case presen tations and practical advice. A valuable reference for endodontists faced with treating compromised endodontic cases.



Diagnosis Preserving Pulp Vitality Patient Selection and Differential Therapy Health- Related Problems Preoperative Restoration and Placement of Rubber Dam Dental Anesthesia Endodontic Emergencies Gaining Access to the Root Canal System Visualization Determining Endodontic Working Length Root Canal Preparation Disinfection of the Root Canal System Root Canal Obturation Assessment of Healing, Success, and Failure Vertical Tooth and Root Fractures Perio-Endo Lesions Perforations Instrument Fractures Resorptions Retreatment Incomplete Root Formation Aspiration and Swallowing Accidents Teeth with Anatomic Malformations Bleaching