Current Concepts on Temporomandibular Disorders

Autor: Daniele Manfredini
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Featuring contributions from more than 40 world-renowned researchers and clinicians in the TMD and orofacial pain field, this comprehensive and clinically oriented book presents current and emerging evidence-based research on TMDs.The authors address the complex group of pathologies that affect the masticatory system through a comprehensive discussion of the anatomy, classification, etiology, diagnosis, and management of TMDs.
The sections on diagnosis and management reflect the current view that only a minority of treatment modalities are exclusively indicated for a specific disorder. Along with this underlying premise, the medically based approach presented in this book makes it pertinent to all healthcare professionals who want to better understand what is and is not effective in the treatment of TMDs.


Anatomy Classification and Epidemiology TMD As a Chronic Pain Disorder Etiopathogenesis of Muscle Disorders Etiopathogenesis of Disk Displacement TMJ Osteoarthritis Bruxism and TMD Physiopathology Diagnosis Clinical Assessment Psychosocial Assessment Imaging Instrumental Approach Fibromyalgia Orofacial Pain Headache and TMD Otologic and TMD Symptoms Malocclusion and Body Posture Clinical Diagnosis Objectives of TMD Management Behavioral Treatment Physiotherapy and Physical Therapy Pharmacologic Management Occlusal Therapy Placebo Effect TMJ Arthrocentesis and Infiltrations TMJ Surgery Prosthetic Rehabilitations in TMD Patients Orthodontics in TMD Patients Bruxism Management Integration of Research into Clinical Practice Ethical and Legal Considerations