Bone Grafting in Oral Implantology: Techniques and Clinical Applications

Autor: Federico Hernandez Alfaro
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  • ISBN: 978-1-85097-103-0

Bone reconstruction of defects resulting from atrophy, injury, congenital malformations, or neoplasms has become a routine part of dental rehabilitation procedures, but it requires sound knowledge of bone repair processes and graft behavior. This book presents protocols for harvesting, preserving, and placing bone grafts that are based on the biology and general principles of bone grafting involving the symphysis, ascending ramus and body, coronoid process, maxillary tuberosity, sinus wall, zygomatic buttress, calvarium, iliac crest, and tibia.


  1. Biology of Bone Grafting

  2. General Principles of Bone Grafting

  3. Symphysis

  4. Ascending Ramus and Body

  5. Coronoid Process

  6. Maxillary Tuberosity

  7. Sinus Wall

  8. Zygomatic Buttress

  9. Calvarium

  10. Iliac Crest

  11. Tibia