Bell's Oral and Facial Pain (Formerly Bell's Orofacial Pain), Seventh Edition

Autor: Jeffrey P. Okeson
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  • ISBN: 978-0-86715-654-0

 This revised edition of Dr Welden Bell's classic text has been updated to incorporate the latest findings from these studies, including advanced understanding of the neurophysiology and central processing of pain and the resulting changes to diagnostic, classification, and treatment guidelines.



PART ONE: The Nature of Pain
1. Defining the Problem
2. The Neural Anatomy of Oral and Facial Pain
3. The Neurophysiology of Peripheral Nociception
4. The Neurophysiology of Nociception in the Dorsal Horn and Brainstem
5. The Central Processing of Pain
6. The Processing of Pain at the Supraspinal Level

PART TWO: Clinical Considerations of Oral and Facial Pain
7. The Various Clinical Presentations of Pain
8. Category Classification of Oral and Facial Pain
9. Principles of Pain Diagnosis
10. General Considerations in Managing Oral and Facial Pain

PART THREE: Clinical Pain Syndromes
11. Cutaneous and Mucogingival Pains
12. Dental Pains
13. Pains of Muscle Origin
14. Temporomandibular Joint Pains
15. Other Musculoskeletal Pains
16. Visceral Pains
17. Vascular and Neurovascular Pains
18. Neuropathic Pains 19. Psychologic Factors and Oral and Facial Pain